Anxiety & Panic

Anxiety & Panic

“Some have called this the “Age of Anxiety,” and there is considerable justification for doing so. The number and frequency of stressors we face, largely due to the rapidly changing social, political, economic, environmental, and technological landscapes, leave less and less room for feeling calm.”

- Dr Michael D Yapko

Anxiety is often triggered by a fear generated thought which is overestimating imagined risks we may be facing, or alternatively underestimating our own resources and/or ability to successfully manage those imagined risks. Left unchallenged over a period of time, these often random thoughts can grow into unmanageable proportions whereby debilitating panic sensations can emerge.

In our practice we assist our clients with identifying their fears in a way that they are able to challenge them against the evidence of their present reality. We also provide skills training to develop self-support strategies that will allow trust to grow in their own capabilities to manage their experience of anxiety within normal limits. This increased self-efficacy is in contrast to becoming overwhelmed and fearful.

Medicare rebates are available with a GP Mental Health Care Plan. Private Health Fund rebates may apply (no referral required).

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