Family of Origin

Family of Origin Issues

“The worst part was our inability to communicate. We pretended we were devoted to one another, yet we could not show or feel that emotion because of hidden resentments. It was unacceptable to express anger in my family and much too risky to be affectionate or loving. All those years the love between us was unspoken and often unnoticed”.

- ‘Making Peace with Your Parents – The Key to Enriching Your Life and All Your Relationships’
Harold H. Bloomfield M.D with Leonard Felder, Ph.D.

Does the above quote ring any bells for you? Our learned experiences in our childhood are the training ground we take into our adult life, and the example of ‘normal’ as we create our own family. Without taking time to challenge and scrutinise the values and family ‘norms’ for engagement, we can inadvertently lock ourselves into a pattern of relating with each other in a way that sabotages intimate connection with those we love. Yet it seems to be part of the human condition to yearn for intimacy and connectedness.

We acknowledge that most parents’ intention is to ‘do no harm’ to their children. However, ‘we only know what we know’ based on our experiences in our childhood along with the meaning we have placed on these experiences—our perception.

In our practice, one of the ways in which we work with you is to explore your own understanding of yourself in relation to you and others.

In this way, as personal insight develops, opportunities for change can occur to align with the type of relating that is important to you with significant others today.

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