“Insomnia is a huge problem in our speedy and over-bright world. It’s both a cause and an effect of stress, depression and many lifestyle illnesses. I suspect most of our misery and sickness would vanish if we could simply sleep as well as people did a hundred years ago. (They averaged two hours a night more than we do now).”

- ‘The 5-Minute Meditator’ – Eric Harrison

A good night’s sleep is critical for our on-going health and well-being. It assists with warding off physical illnesses and provides recovery from stress. Without it we can experience fatigue; increased likelihood to make poor decisions; become snappy and agitated in our interactions with others; take longer than normal to complete tasks, and become accident prone—on the road, at work and in the home.

In therapy, we offer skills training and psychoeducation for the development of good sleep hygiene. We will also work with you in a way that you can extrapolate variables that are unique to you that may be interrupting your ability to have a good night’s sleep.

Medicare rebates are available with a GP Mental Health Care Plan. Private Health Fund rebates may apply (no referral required).

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