Life Adjustments

Life Adjustments

“Life is constantly evolving. Nevertheless, many of us like stability and resist change – particularly sudden, radical change. Routines promote a sense of security: knowing more or less what’s coming next can be comforting. As a result, when we’re faced with a decision about whether to stay in our current situation or move on…the temptation to stay put in familiar surroundings can be hard to resist.”

- ‘Learn to Balance Your Life’ – Michael & Jessica Hinz

Throughout our lifespan as we live our life we will experience events and situations that will be outside our control and/or our resources to manage. Some of these may include: loss of employment; a death of a loved one; aging parents; separation and/or divorce; unexpected pregnancy; a terminal illness, or a natural disaster. Alternatively, other events such as marriage and the birth of a baby may have been planned and indeed welcomed, also require preparedness to adjust.

There are many dispositional factors and individual differences such as resistance to change; feelings of being overwhelmed, and levels of self-efficacy that come into play as we are confronted with a life adjustment. This process can be difficult to negotiate and stress evoking, even for the happy life transitions that we embark on.

We provide therapy that will assist with extinguishing the sense of isolation often experienced when navigating a life adjustment. During the formation of a dialogical relationship, your self-awareness develops, which in turn is likely to increase your self-efficacy and ability to cope in a self-determining way.

Medicare rebates are available with a GP Mental Health Care Plan. Private Health Fund rebates may apply (no referral required).

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